It’s done!

W o u l d n ’ t  you  a g r e e ?

#black sails #blacksailsedit #captain flint #james flint #toby stephens #gif by woofety #gif:blacksails #gif:flint #gif:bs101 #ehm #I'm aware I've already giffed this moment #but I couldn't resist doing it again using 500px gifs #because do I have to explain why? just flint doING THE THING #oh my this introduction - the first time we see him :') #reminds me of the first time I saw this episode back in January #with a frankly horrible version I found on the web #it's not that I couldn't wait - at the time I was only a bit curious about the show nothing more #I remember I just finished lunch and I was bored and wanted to watch something new #and I didn't even get obsessed after it - I suppose I was too busy understanding what they were saying lol #(yeah I watched it without subs the first time ugh) #and cursing because couldn't I wait for a better version? and yeah flint intrigued me but I was still wary about everything #but the episode got me interested enough to watch it again with subs - and again #and then I thought why not try to gif something because that ginger captain is not bad at all #actually if I remember correctly the first gif I made was about the flint/gates moment discussing the stolen page for the first time #maybe before flint at first I liked his interactions with gates - I thought they could be an interesting relationship to watch #ha ha lmao what was I getting myself into? if only I had know I would have spared myself the awful pain I experienced later #and well...the rest is history :) #on a sidenote the shots are beautiful but here I got slightly annoyed about the fact that the camera isn't always on focus #I know it's done on purpouse but I NEED ALL THE DEFINITION ON TOBY'S FACE ALWAYS #soupy queue
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    I assume you’d like to know that I’ve been trying to drink some water for… now I think I’ve entered the 8th minute, and...
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    *squawks* Youuuuuuuu … fiendish girl! Zomg, the idea of the two of them in a room together. (The characters, I mean. The...
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    "I NEED ALL THE DEFINITION ON TOBY’S FACE ALWAYS" I love how you think lady! :P
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